Helmut Nieberle
swing is here to stay
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Round about 100 years ago swing music started all over the world to sweep the audiences off their feet. During the Big Band Era guitar, double bass and drums formed the integrated rhythm section. In contrast on this CD two guitars, bass and drums take the leading part and frame a swing band of this day and age. With almost a completely new repertoire, sophisticated instrumental sounds and a driving rhythmic force swing is here to stay and proudly presented by Gabi and bobtale records.

Howard Alden
aus New York zur neuen CD von Helmut Nieberle:
“Helmut Nieberle’s compositions constantly surprise and delight me, always full of memorable melodies and subtle twists (and I find myself singing them in my mind, the mark of great tunes). After many happy years of collaboration with Helmut, I’m always amazed by his unique jazz guitar voice that combines the best of tradition, his many personal influences and an in-the-moment sensitivity and spontaneity!”

Und Jim Mullen aus London:
“A dazzling and exciting showcase of the many styles and compositions of Germany’s King of swing guitar!”

Juan Martin Koch in der Mittelbayerischen Zeitung vom 16.08.2019:
"Auf seiner Quartett-CD brilliert Helmut Nieberle als Komponist. (...) in einer wunderbar ausbalancierten Mischung aus vertraut wirkenden Jazzstücken, Gipsy-Swing-Nummern, Musette-Walzern und brasilianischen Choros ..."

Presented by bobtale records.
Swing For Two
Le Flaneur
Rainy Afternoon
The Jazzguitarplayer